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How to Get the Best Assistance From Ragic Support

By Amy Tsai, Fabio Kuo

Most of us have the experience of calling or emailing customer support when we encounter issues. Unfortunately, some of the communication experiences were unsatisfactory. In many cases, the customer support representative not only wasn’t able to provide the answer you need but also asking more questions or for further information. The process does not seem to end, very frustrating.

For example, when we question about a bug we saw on Facebook, their customer support representative would then ask for more details such as account name, URL of the issue, process, screenshots, etc. To save trouble, we give up in the end and leave the problem unsolved.

However, customer support representatives do need those detailed pieces of information to help you.

Users may think that their problems are clear and simple, but customer support representatives are not mind-readers and don’t have any visual reference on anything related. Technically, customer support is a tough job.

Yes, what you may think and what Ragic Support staff may think are largely different at times.

Take Ragic for example, Ragic is a software that allows you to create a brilliant database without writing any codes. To build it, you need the tools and functions Ragic provides in the software. Our Ragic Support team’s role is to help users by troubleshooting, providing directions, gathering opinions. Their goal is to provide users a better Ragic experience. However, they might not be familiar with the customer’s field and process of work, therefore they would need clear examples and details to understand customers' requests.

From past experiences, oftentimes clients cannot clearly state their questions or issues. When Ragic Support is unable to understand your questions or needs, the process becomes extremely time-consuming and you might eventually give up on the process. However, there are some tips to prevent this tragedy from happening.


Ragic Support is not afraid of customers that do not know how to ask questions, but customers that do not know their needs specifically!

For example, a new company might want to have a new database system right away, but they do not know why it needs it. A member of the company may then ask vague questions like “What services do you provide?” or “How do other people use your product?”.

In other cases, clients may write a lengthy e-mail regarding his setting and feelings, but Ragic Support could still not know what is his or her question, which is a bit awkward.

For example:

Customer: My data on form ABC is gone!

Ragic Support: Which data? Which field? Could you please provide the link for us to check?

Customer: The link is (link), and half of them disappeared.

Ragic Support: When did this happen? How many entries were gone?

This conversation will go on and on……

However, if the customer simply provided the link to the sheet and the fields with disappeared data while inquiring, there wouldn’t be that many emails going back and forth. Such as the following email:


For some reason in 15 entries, the data on the sales order number field on from ABC has disappeared, and there is no information when I check Field History. This field should be auto-generated and is on cell A10 in the Design Mode. Here is the link to the sheet: (

With the information provided in the email above, Ragic Support can immediately enter the troubleshooting process since they have a clear idea of your situation.

If you just want to ask general questions regarding Ragic functions, you can still send us an email with one clear sentence. Such questions include but not limited to: “Can you use formulas in Ragic?”, “Can you search within the Ragic database?”, “Can you restore data that have been deleted by accident?”. However, if your inquiry contains specific conditions or rules, you would need to include the points noted in the chapters below for us to understand and assist with your issue.

Clear Examples

In most issues, Ragic Support would need to have a further understanding of the background of the problem, meaning that Ragic Support might need one or more clear examples while trying to assist you. To make the process smoother, you should provide actual examples from your database.

From the examples below:

1. I have a sheet that I want some people to have access to and others don’t.

2. I have a sheet, I want some people to be able to view customer A’s data, and some others can only view customer B’s data.

3. I have a customer sheet, I want some of my employees to be able to view the entry of customer A, and another set of employees to be able to view the entry of customer B.

Which one allows you to decrypt the situation faster?

On the other hand, If you have data for reference off the shelf that you can attach it as an example, please provide us with them! They will be really helpful to us when we are trying to solve your issues! You can scroll down to the Supporting Materials chapter for more details!

Detailed Steps and Processes

In Ragic, data do not appear by themselves, there must be a workflow behind it. So when you are encountering troubles, Ragic Support would need to know what was your working process that leads up to your issue.

Ragic Support has many experiences where customers tell us the problem and provide us access to the sheet. But as they enter the database, they find that the related fields are read-only. Ragic Support does not know how the user has created this record, how the values are calculated, or what they should be.

Since different databases have different processes in producing data, Ragic Support cannot analyze the issue with just the problem itself. If they do not know the steps causing this issue, they would have to try to find the error by themselves through a long journey of trial and error. Even worse, they might still be unable to find the problem after a long time.

Rules' Details

In some sheets, you may add specific rules and conditions to do specific things. And of course, Ragic Support needs those details too to help you.


User asks: How can I load this data automatically when I type that in another field?

After many e-mails going back and forth, Ragic Support still cannot fully understand how it should work. They would need to be very clear on fields, conditions, and expected results to find the best rules to apply. Some clients may even ask the question “What do you think we should do?”. However, Ragic Support cannot make a decision for your database.

On the other hand, if there are general functions that you wish Ragic to achieve, feel free to provide your suggestions!

Supporting Materials (Screenshots, Videos, etc.)

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

This adage also correlates with Ragic’s customer service. Some users may write a lengthy email explaining their issue in words, but it might not be understood with mere text. An image or even a video supporting the written content would help Ragic Support immensely. With those visual aids, Ragic Support can have a better idea of your database and the issue. With a clear understanding, now they can try to troubleshoot with Ragic developers or simply provide a quick solution for you. The service process could finish in only a few short emails, rather than a long process trying to understand each other through e-mail or phone.

However, please be reminded that screenshots and videos are still only supporting materials, and we would still need you to describe your issue with some text. It is almost impossible for us to understand an email with only an image or a video.

Also, please remember that whenever you are emailing Ragic Support, do not send the following:

1. A short e-mail title with no content regarding the question or problem

2. An incomplete video of the workflow

3. An incomplete screenshot

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