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Excel Catastrophe 7: The Troublesome App

By Gina Tsao

From Dropbox or email attachments, there come some occasions where you need to open an Excel file on your mobile devices. Depend on the situation, the experience of using the Excel app on your mobile devices could be annoying and irritating.

For example, here are some situations you may face:

1. A fat file? Cool, go for a drink and let it load.

2. The text on the screen is too small to read? Well, spread your fingers or simply double-tap… "NO! I don’t want to edit the cell! This app is terrible!"

3. Could not find the matched header row after zoom in? Hmmm, how about a few scrolls?

4. Help! I can’t open the file on my drive!

5. Cannot open the Excel file. "Sorry, something went wrong and file.xlsx cannot be opened.” What should I do?

And many more…

However, you may still need to check my spreadsheets outside, is there any other option?

That’s why you should try Ragic!

In Ragic, all the data and spreadsheets are saved in cloud drives. Through Ragic’s app, users can directly view, enter and edit records in a friendly user interface. No file needs to be download for opening, no issue of unsupported file format, and never get lost in the teeny-tiny text.

So, what are you waiting for?

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